American Metal Customs is the premier destination for classic car restoration services in the Northeast. Our team of award-winning technicians and craftsmen are passionate about research and analyzing every detail of the vehicle being restored to preserve its original beauty and heritage. With our state-of-the-art facility and comprehensive range of capabilities, we offer world-class restoration services that bring your cherished vehicles back to their former glory.

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Full Frame Off, Nut And Bolt, Rotisserie Restorations

We specialize in complete disassembly and meticulous restoration of classic cars, ensuring every detail is addressed to better than original showroom condition.

Rust Repair And Corrosion Removal

Our experts excel at identifying and repairing rusted or corroded metal and restoring structural integrity and visual appeal.

Engine Rebuilds, Performance Upgrades, Transmissions & Drivetrain Restorations

We work with some of the top specialists in the Northeast to replace or rebuild engines and transmissions to enhance power, reliability, and performance while also ensuring they retain their original functionality and smooth performance.

Suspension And Chassis Restoration

Our team pays meticulous attention to restoring suspension components and chassis, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for your classic car.

Electrical System Refurbishment

We repair and upgrade the electrical systems of classic cars, ensuring proper functioning of lights, gauges, and other vital components.

Interior Upholstery And Trim Work

Our skilled craftsmen excel at recreating and restoring authentic upholstery and trim, providing a luxurious and period-correct interior for your classic vehicle.

Paintwork And Refinishing

We offer expert color-matching and paint restoration services, delivering a flawless, show-worthy finish that captures the original beauty of your car.

Authentic Parts Sourcing

We have an extensive network of trusted suppliers, enabling us to source original and authentic parts to maintain the integrity of your classic car so that every single detail is accurate to its original factory showroom condition.

Our team is well known for producing award-winning restorations and we focus on more than just the monetary value of a perfectly restored car, we also care about the sentimental value and historical significance of classic cars. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure that your restoration project will be completed to show worthy, Concours-level standards.

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