Custom Interiors

American Metal specializes in crafting custom interiors and audio solutions that will elevate your driving experience to new heights. With our master craftsmanship and attention to detail, we create custom interiors specifically tailored to your unique vision and style. Explore our extensive range of services and capabilities below:

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Complete Custom Interiors

Choose from a wide selection of premium materials, including leather, vinyl, suede, and fabric, and bespoke custom made patterns to create a completely unique interior.

Custom Seat Design And Fabrication

Craft seats that perfectly contour your body, providing optimal support and enhancing both comfort and aesthetics.

Door Panel Restoration

Revive your car's interior with meticulously restored or customized door panels, utilizing the latest materials and techniques.

Headliner Replacement

Achieve a clean and polished look with a new headliner, available in various materials and colors to suit your preference.

Dashboard Customization

From woodgrain accents to modern digital displays, we can transform your dashboard into a stunning focal point, combining vintage charm with contemporary functionality.

Steering Wheel Customization

Transform your steering wheel into a unique statement piece, tailored to your grip, style, and comfort preferences.

Bespoke CNC And Perforation Patterns, Custom Embroidery, Logos And More

Personalize your interior with custom embroidery, monograms, or logos, adding a touch of individuality and exclusivity.

Interior Lighting Enhancements

Illuminate your car's interior with customizable lighting options, ranging from ambient mood lighting to functional task lighting.

Audio solutions

High-Fidelity Audio Installations

Immerse yourself in exceptional sound quality with our bespoke audio systems, featuring premium speakers, amplifiers, and sound processors.

Retro-Style Radio Conversions

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a vintage-looking radio unit that conceals modern technology, including Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports.

Soundproofing And Insulation

Enhance your driving experience by reducing road noise and improving thermal insulation, creating a serene cabin environment for a smoother ride.

Custom Speaker Enclosures

Optimize sound distribution and aesthetics with custom-built speaker enclosures that seamlessly integrate into your car's interior.

Additional Capabilities

Convertible Tops

We also specialize in award-winning custom convertible tops for classic cars that provide an unparalleled level of fit, finish, and functionality.

We take immense pride in our ability to deliver extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our team of award-winning interior experts is committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring that your custom interior is a true reflection of your style and taste.

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